7 Typical Indications Your Air Conditioning System Needs a Repair

Do You Think Your Air Conditioner Needs Repaired?

When was the last time you had your heating and cooling system cleaned and inspected? When were the ducts cleaned last? Sometimes the problems we discover with the air conditioning systems are avoidable and many that turn into costly repairs, which can be found and corrected before they become a significant problem.

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Issues with the HVAC system can range from the simple to the complex, but they all result in one thing – lowering the efficiency of the air conditioner. Knowing the tale tell signs that your AC needs repair can help you act accordingly when the time comes. Some of the typical indications of problems with your air conditioning system include:

  1. Strange Odors

Any funky smell is coming from the HVAC vents is a reason to worry. The odors may be due to burnt wire insulation, the presence of mold, or a dead animal in the ductwork. In most cases, the remedy for this is to clean the air conditioning system.

  1. Moisture Accumulation

Sometimes, you may come across some mold and mildew in the HVAC system. Such a matter should be a reason to worry since the air conditioning systems are designed to stay dry. The presence of mold and mildew is an indication of the existence of moisture or water in the system, and this can be attributed to a broken condensate drain or a leak in the system. Having the HVAC looked over as soon as possible is essential. It will lower the risk of having a house with a mold infestation that is spread by the AC system via the ductwork and vents. It also ensures that you have proper air conditioning in your home.

  1. Poor Air Flow

If the air conditioner is pumping less air than usual, the problem may be with a fan that is not pushing air through the ducts leading to the reduced flow of air. The failure may be attributed to a blown motor in the fan, or the fan control board may be faulty, the fan may be damaged due to dirty air finding its way to the fans since the filters are not working.

  1. Issues With The Thermostat

The air conditioner unit may be working, and there may not be any issues with the ductwork and vents, but temperatures around the house may be uncomfortable. The problem could be the thermostat. You may see the system is running at a temperature setting of 75 degrees, but the home will feel like it is more than 10 degrees off. This could be happening from a faulty thermostat that needs to be replaced or repaired.

  1. Strange Sounds

Most air conditioning systems are designed to be silent when running. If your AC starts making weird noises such as those of metal rubbing against metal, that is a clear indication of problems that need fixing. The issue could be a loose belt, a broke component, or debris.

  1. Failure To Blow Cold Air

If the AC system suddenly fails to pump cold air through the vents, then the system needs to be repaired. Such a state will have the HVAC system working overtime to keep the indoor temperatures at a desired level. The possible culprit for these issues may range from low or leaking refrigerant, leaking ductwork, or a faulty condenser. Whichever the cause, the sooner this is checked and addressed the better. It will help lower your power bill and ensure your indoor temperatures are comfortable.

  1. Increasing Energy Bills

The HVAC systems are reputed to be the largest energy consumers in most homes with the rate of consumption spiking up during winter and the summer months. The amount of power used during the last season may be lower than the current one, but this should be a cause for concern if you note a steady rise in the energy consumption rate because it could be an indication that you should have the AC unit inspected. Also, keep in mind that all of the above issues can increase the power consumption rate of the AC system.

When calling our HVAC inspection and repair experts, you know that you are going to get a licensed, bonded and insured HVAC technician that has worked with all major manufacturers and brands of air conditioning units. You can also count on our company to provide you honest and reliable solutions for any repair or replacement you call us out for.

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4 Clear Signs It May Be Time For A New Air Conditioner

Do You Think You May Need a New Air Conditioner?

Your home’s air conditioning system plays an important role in keeping indoor spaces comfortable throughout the year by maintaining optimum temperature and humidity levels.

If your home’s AC fails on you unexpectedly, you will be stuck with an uncomfortable house, characterized by uncomfortably high or low indoor temperatures, in addition to the unanticipated cost of installing a replacement unit or conducting expensive emergency repairs.

HVAC systems are designed with high quality components to ensure that they serve home owners diligently over an extended period of time, with minimal maintenance and repairs. However, they do not last forever; by identifying the signs that your AC system is ready for replacement you will be able to prepare accordingly, and with it, avoid suffering the negative effects of a serious break down.

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Here’s a list of the clear signs that your AC system is ready for replacement.

Rising Electricity Bill

As AC systems near the end of their lifecycle, they become inefficient in their operation. To make up for the losses in inefficiency, the system will need to work harder, consuming more electricity as a result.

If you have noticed a consistent and significant, but unexplained, increase in your home’s electricity bill, it’s likely that your inefficient AC is to blame. Replacing the current system with a new and efficient system will definitely combat the costly increase in your monthly power bill.

Uncomfortably Warm Home

As previously stated earlier, the air conditioning system in your home is designed to keep indoor temperatures as comfortable as possible.

If your system consistently fails to reach the set thermostat temperature, then it’s time to consider getting a replacement. Furthermore, if you find that some rooms in your house are too cold while some are too hot, then you would be correct in assuming that the system is dangerously close to the end of its useful life date. This could also be from poor duct installation or a leak in the duct system.

Regular and Frequent Repairs

Air Conditioning Fan Belt ReplacementIf your air conditioning system always seems to break down, over and over, when you need it most, especially during those unending hot summer days, then it might be in need of replacement.

Although air conditioners require routine maintenance from time to time to maintain optimal performance, regular repairs within a short period of time may signal the inevitable approach to the end of their useful life. You should have your air conditioner checked every other year if not every year. This can help catch potential major problems and even prolong the life of your air conditioning unit.

Old Age of Your Unit

Even the best air conditioning systems eventually reach the end of their useful life. AC systems are usually designed to last for about 10-12 years. Over this period, the systems experience dust and allergen build-ups in addition to regular wear and tear to the moving parts. Their continued use can not only result in the circulation of poor indoor air quality, but can also result in a major breakdown, like the compressor going out. You can avoid this and the risk of living in a home without air conditioning after a serious breakdown by getting a timely replacement. A newer AC unit will also be more energy efficient which can aid in the reduction of your electric bill each month.

If you notice any combination of the above mentioned signs that your AC is need of replacing, then be sure to start your search for a worthy, if not better, replacement by consulting a qualified HVAC installation company in Arizona like Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We have been serving all of Tucson for over 30 years. Spartan is the right company for the job and we will tell you honestly if your air conditioner can be fixed or if you will need to get a new unit.

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Common Time Frames Most Plumbing Items Are Good For

Knowing when to replace your plumbing fixtures is important. Here are the usual time frames for some of the most common plumbing items in your home.

Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters should be replaced every 20 years. Traditional water heaters have an average life span of 10 to 15 years. Both types can last longer if properly maintained. You should start looking for a new heater if there’s rust or leaks around your current unit. A new water heater is also recommended if the pilot light in your existing unit keeps flickering out or if the thermostat is broken. Read more on water heater repair and installation.

Garbage Disposals

The average life expectancy of garbage disposals is about 10 years. However, your garbage disposal may need to be fixed or replaced if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Frequent clogs
  • Odors that won’t disappear no matter how much and how often you clean the unit
  • Resetting the garbage disposal more often
  • The unit is taking longer than usual to break down food. Read more on garbage disposal repair and installation.

Water Softeners

Water softener systems have an average life span of 10 to 15 years. With proper maintenance, these fixtures can last longer than that. However, once your system reaches its average life span, you have to consider whether it is still worth fixing. The cost of fixing an older unit can add up if repairs are needed more frequently. Getting a new unit might be the better option. Read more on water softeners.


Brass pipes and galvanized steel pipes can last for 80 to 100 years. Copper pipes have an average life span of 70 to 80 years. If you have an older home, you may need to replace your piping sooner. A plumbing technician can assess your piping and tell you if a replacement is necessary. Read more on repiping.


Drains can break down due to old age, tree root growth, and other factors. The average life span of cast-iron pipes is 80 to 100 years. Plastic or PVC pipes can last for 25 to 40 years. Read more on drains, cleaning and repair.

Other Fixtures

It’s hard to know when some plumbing fixtures will stop working. The average life span of plumbing fixtures can vary. Sump pumps usually last for 4 to 7 years. Well pumps have an average life span of 10 to 12 years. Kitchen faucets need to be replaced every 15 years. Toilet tank components can last up to 5 years.


The average life span of toilets is 50 years. If your toilet is older than 25 years, you may need to replace it with a newer one. Newer units use less water, which can help you save money on your water bills. Fill valves, trip levers, flappers, plumbing connections, and fittings need to be replaced every 4 to 5 years. Read more on toilet repair and installation.

Sewer Lines

Clay sewer lines have an average life span of 50 to 60 years. PVC pipes can last for 100 years. However, you may need to replace your sewer lines sooner if there’s a strange or foul odor in your yard. Another telltale sign of a problem with your sewer line is hearing gurgling sounds in the bathroom. Read more on sewer line repair and replacement.

Preventive maintenance can help extend the life span of your plumbing fixtures. If one part of the plumbing system is old or there’s a leak somewhere, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has a team of trained and experienced plumbers who can fix water heaters, garbage disposals, gas lines, water lines, and other plumbing systems. We are available 24/7, so they can come to your rescue anytime.

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Common Plumbing Problems We Encounter

A List of Some of the Most Common Plumbing Issues We See

Plumbing problems range from minor and inexpensive repairs to a major pipe leak that can cause damage to floors, walls, and personal properties. Here are the common plumbing problems that indicate you need some plumbing work.


  1. Slow Draining Sink

Slow draining sink is usually caused by the accumulation of everyday materials. In the kitchen sink, the clogs are mostly caused by food particles; while in the bathroom sink, it is due to the combination of soap, toothpaste, hair, and other debris.

  1. Clogged Shower or Bathroom Drain

Just like slow draining sinks, shower and bathroom drains may get jammed because of clogs of soap and hair. To clear the blockage, you can either use a snake or a plunger. This problem usually becomes worse over time if you don’t deal with it. You can minimize or prevent the problem if you have a drain guard that will catch the hair.

  1. Dripping Faucets

This common plumbing problem causes water to be wasted, which will increase your water bill. Even a single dripping faucet can waste away hundreds of gallons throughout the year.

In most cases, when an internal washer becomes torn, dislodged, worn, or stiff, it may cause the faucet to drip. An average householder can fix this problem if they have the proper tools.

Choosing Spartan Plumbing in Tucson

  1. Faulty Water Heater

You may not discover this plumbing problem until the water suddenly becomes cold while you’re in the shower. There are several reasons why your water heater could fail. First, the pilot light may have gone out and you need to relight it. Second, the tank may have a build-up of residue. Lastly, the thermostat could be the source of the problem.

In general, a professional should be the one to maintain, inspect, and repair a faulty water heater. However, if you know how to work on a water heater, than some of the simple fixes may be something you can do on your own.

  1. Clogged Toilet

Clogged ToiletsYou have a clog in your toilet when the bowl fills up and takes time to drain or doesn’t really drain away. A combination of human waste and paper could cause the blockage. You can normally fix a clogged toilet using a plunger. You can also use a drain auger or sewer snake to remove the blockage.

  1. Running Toilet

Over 200 gallons of water could be lost every day because of a running toilet. The flapper valve controls the water that travels from the tank going to the bowl and if it gets faulty, it will cause a running toilet.

Although rarely, a sediment that affects filling and flushing can also cause a running toilet. There could be silent leaks if your water bill suddenly increases. Put food coloring in the tank and check if it goes to the bowl without flushing.

  1. Leaky Pipes

A leak usually happens at the pipe joints. It can damage your floors and furniture, and it can encourage bugs because of the dampness. Fillers, tape, and compounds can temporarily fix the problem, but replacing the pipes or related fixtures will fix it permanently.

  1. Low or High Water Pressure

A sign of low water pressure is when water trickles from the tap instead of gushes. Leaking pipes that have been worn or broken may cause this problem. It may also be cause by a buildup of mineral deposits and sediment on aerators. High water pressure can cause your pipes to burst. Usually a pressure regulator needs to be added to your water piping system to help regulate the water pressure of your home.

  1. Sewer System Blockage

If you have toilets and multiple drains that are not working, there could be something that is blocking the sewer system pipes. Responsibility for fixing the problem depends on where the blockage is. It’s the problem of the water company if it’s on the public road, but you should have it fixed if it’s on your property.

  1. Garbage Disposal Malfunction

The garbage disposal can get stuck, freeze up or stop working all together. Any home needs to have a properly working garbage disposal. This can happen from old age or improper use of the unit. There are many items/things that should not go down the disposal, but it happens from time to time. We can help you with repair, replacement and installation of a garbage disposal.

Call a professional plumber once you notice you have a plumbing problem before it gets worse. Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. professionals can come to your rescue and we have the necessary tools, equipment and training to handle any plumbing problem or repair you may need.


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Common Signs You May Need to Have Your Drains Cleaned

If You Have Any of the Following Problems, It May Be Time to Have a Drain Cleaning Company Come Out

The kitchen, bathrooms, and basement are usually the locations of drains in the house. While drains don’t cross your mind all the time, maintaining it can save you from trouble and unnecessary expenses. Here are some of the most common signs that you need to have your drains cleaned.

  1. Slow Moving Drain

A slow moving drain is an indication that a problem is just around the corner. This normally happens when there is a blockage that restricts the water flow. In the kitchen sink, the drain may have things like food remnants and congealed fat. The blockage in the bathroom drain may be due to soap, knotted hair, too much toilet paper, Qtips, feminine products, baby wipes amongst other things.


A regular maintenance will clean the scale build-up and drive the debris out from the drainage walls. When the lines are cleaned, you will notice a big difference.


  1. Gurgling Drains

Sometimes, there could be a gurgling noise when water travels through the fixture drains. A partial obstruction usually causes this problem. This means that your drains will be clogged in the long run. Before that happens, you should have your drains checked and cleaned to prevent further and larger problems.


  1. Bubbles in the Shower Drain or Toilet

There are instances that the shower drain bubbles up after flushing the toilet or the toilet bubbles up when you shower. This could mean the main drain in the bathroom is restricted. When you shower or use the toilet, the water may not drain fast enough, so the pipes start to fill with water. This may force the air out through the toilet trap or the shower drain, which causes bubbles. Cleaning the drain will eliminate the excess air in the drains.


  1. Unpleasant or Odd Drain Odors

Most plumbing fixtures have traps that are intended to hold water so that sewer gases will not come up through the pipes. When unpleasant things fill these traps, they may produce foul odors. The plumbing may also have other problems, such as a broken pipe, but the bad odor is a clear sign that you have a drain line problem. Watch the things that go down your kitchen and shower drains and make sure that your traps are always clean.


  1. Water Comes Up From Pipes Outside the Home

Most apartments, single family homes, townhomes, and condos have a cleanout outside the house. This is the access point to the main drain line. A cleanout is installed for two possible reasons: first, if there is a stoppage, you can remove the cover on the cleanout so that the sanitary waste will be released outside rather than inside the house; second, for cleaning the drain line. When you schedule a drain cleaning, the main line will be cleaned from outside the house.

There could be two problems that cause the water to come out from the cleanout. First is that the main line stoppage has to be cleared or secondly, if your house has a septic system, it could already be full.


  1. Frequent Clogs

Kitchen sink or toilet clogs may happen once in a while. However, if you have clogged drains weekly or if multiple drain fixtures in the house are clogged at the same time, it may be time for a drain line cleaning.


  1. Water Flooding in the Basement

If your drain is not clear, this may cause water to back up in the pipes and create a flood in the basement if you have a basement.


Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides a few services that help with cleaning the toughest drains.

  1. Drain cleaning – Learn more
  2. HydroJetting – Learn more


It will be beneficial for you to take preventative measures with your plumbing system. Cleaning and snaking the drains will make sure that the lines are clear and water will flow properly. Professionals from Spartan Plumbing can clean your drains so you can avoid further problems it will cause.

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New Advancements In The Plumbing Industry

Plumbing, as much as most of us do not think of it as such, is a science that is constantly evolving and benefiting from innovations in technology. In the past five to ten years there have been quite a number of advancements in plumbing technology which as a result, has made our homes cleaner, more comfortable and more efficient. Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling provides energy saving and water saving tips using these plumbing technology advancements.

Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been servicing Tucson since 1987. If you are ever in need of professional trenchless sewer line repair, water heater installation, sewer smoke testing or you smell unusual odours in your area or home, get in touch with Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for plumbing services and we will be sure to deliver specialized solutions.

We are a family owned Tucson plumbing team that has been in operation for over 27 years with a BBB A + rating and licensed to solve a variety of emergencies and challenges. Among our key qualities are: fast and reliable service, unparalleled customer service, live help 24 hours a day 7 days a week and highly competitive pricing that puts us far ahead of the competition.

Trenchless Services in Tucson, TX

Many of the products we have today came about as a result of a desire for new technology relating to a more hygienic living area. One product, for instance, that we can see popping up everywhere right now is the touch free plumbing fixtures. This new technology provides a hands-off approach with faucets and toilets reducing the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. Some of these innovations will see a great reduction in the build-up and spread of germs and contribute to cleaner healthier homes and commercial establishments.

Recent improvements in plumbing technology seek to address the problem of comfortability in the home. Current emerging trends employ the use of LED lights and displays in their products for example Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has a new design that installs LED lights in the toilet bowl- yes, you actually can use your toilet in the dark worry free. Who would not want that right?

The world in this age is moving in some new directions, in this case particularly, going green and the plumbing industry as well is not left behind. There are movements forming towards more environmentally friendly plumbing and putting to consideration the fact that energy efficient products save you money by reducing water wastage and energy consumption, then this can be said to be a win, win situation for the environment and plumbing practices alike.

In the world today going green does not necessarily mean a sacrifice in your style, performance or finances as these products are more convenient and affordable than ever.

An example of the green move initiative on plumbing technology is the sensor-operated motion triggered plumbing fixtures. More often than not, we use our sinks or water storages and do not worry about excessive wastage such as leaving taps running, it’s only human. This technology comes to counter this issue with sensors being installed to restrict water flow when not in immediate use which saves the homeowners money and water as well.

The leading plumbing company in the region, Spartan Plumbing, Heating and cooling Inc. is distinguished by staying on top of the trends. Our experts are available and ready to assist every day of the week and weekends to answer questions and fix any plumbing problems. Call us today at (520) 617-1000 for full plumbing solutions trusted for over 27 years. Expect nothing short of 100% satisfaction guarantee and the best rates in town.

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Types Of Piping Plumbers Use

Choosing the right type of piping is easier said than done and requires expert advice. Spartan Plumbing has helped thousands of plumbing clients and is more than happy to help you as well. Here’s a deeper look into each type of piping and which one is better.

PVC Piping

PVC refers to Polymerized Vinyl Chloride (Unchlorinated) and is a robust thermoplastic polymer. In general, this type of piping doesn’t have nationwide approval for “potable” water. This has to do with the type of material that it’s made of and how resistant it is. The material is chemically resistant and biologically resistant making it an ideal solution for garden irrigation supply lines, landscaping setups, and swimming pools to name a few.

Based on current standards, certain U.S. states do not regulate the use of this piping especially compared to options such as copper. It’s best to speak to a qualified professional to learn more about this before moving forward.

PVC piping does have its advantages as the material is non-metallic and a unique alternative to other options. It is never going to corrode, pit, or scale.

PEX Piping

This type of piping refers to PolyEthelene and is often seen being used as supply pipes. For a more purposeful use case, PEX piping is put into residential and/or commercial irrigation systems for optimal results.

In general, PEX acts as a cross-linked polyethylene and is put together during the formation of polyethylene molecules. Due to their “cross-linked” nature, PEX piping is well-regarded for being durable, versatile, and consistent under different temperatures (including extremes). This can make PEX a good fit for hot water setups. PEX can often be seen as a replacement when it comes to traditional piping and/or copper.

ABX Piping

ABX piping refers to Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is often used for potable water, chemicals, and slurries. In additional, ABX can also be used for compressed airline systems and chilled water systems. Its main benefits are consistency, durability, and overall versatility.

Copper Piping

Copper is a metallic element and is noted for its reddish-brown appearance. The element is malleable, ductile, and can act as a world-class conductor within electrical setups. The material is often seen being used for water piping, electrical wiring, and other related projects.

When it comes to plumbing, copper is one of the top materials in the world and has a positive reputation among experts. Its reputation revolves around trustworthy longevity in residential and commercial properties due to the built-in advantages of copper. These benefits include resistance to corrosion, weight, durability, and natural versatility (rigid vs. semi-rigid). Copper piping is easy to rely on and works well in all states. It is an approved plumbing material around the planet.

Copper is also used for potable water, natural-gas supply, drainage systems, high-pressure steam setups, and more. This makes it incredibly useful when put into high leverage situations with ongoing water use.

Which One Is Better?

Spartan Plumbing is a proud supporter of all high-quality piping solutions but appreciates the value of copper. This is one of the most versatile and effective materials on the planet and is respected for its consistency.

If the goal is to put together a robust plumbing solution then copper piping is always an ideal fit. Please note, it’s always smarter to learn more about each piping option by speaking to a trusted specialist at Spartan Plumbing.


For more information on which piping is best suited for the property and its needs, please take the time to speak to a qualified plumber from Spartan Plumbing. The specialist will be able to assess the property, its current piping setup, and what needs to be done for long-term efficiency.

Some Services That May Require New Piping to Be Installed:


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